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About Us

Eli Journals is the leading provider of computer technology journals and information products. If you want to become a more proficient computer user at work or in your personal pursuits, you'll find that Eli Journals is the best source for comprehensive, innovative and timely information on the technology that is changing the world today.

History: A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence
History: A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence

Since the company's inception in the early 1980s, publishing best-selling software support books has evolved into producing our comprehensive line of journals, CDs, and online media and print resources. We continue to provide readers with the highest quality content through the best mediums available. In 1984 we began to publish books, which helped establish us as experts in the field of personal computing and software support.

In the 1980s, the growing market of PC users was hungry for software information in an easy-to-read format. This gave rise to our monthly tips and techniques journals. By 1990, our list of publications included more than a dozen software specific journals.

Today, Eli Journals contributes to the professional growth of more than one million computer users through an extensive lineup of print and digital products, covering everything from business and desktop publishing applications to programming tools and languages to operating systems. We produce nearly 40 monthly how to journals, a family of CD-ROM products, Quick Skills Kits, Quick Reference Guides, Quick Reference Cards, special reports, an interactive Web site (www.elijournals.com), weekly email tips, and tip booklets.

Products and Services
Products and Services

A Unique Source of Information

To make the most of new opportunities technology presents, our customers depend on the high quality information found in Eli Journals products and services. You can expect comprehensive, innovative and timely information that's specific to your needs, and solutions that are immediate, proven and practical.
  • More than 35 monthly "how to" journals
  • A family of productivity boosting CDs and computer-based training (CBT) products
  • Complete Quick Skills Kits
  • Handy Quick Reference Cards
  • Essential Quick Reference Guides
  • Smart Tips and Quick Tricks booklets
  • FREE weekly email tips service

Monthly Publications

At Eli Journals, our editors thoroughly research and explore today's software. They check out all the features and benefits of these rich applications, something few computer users have the time to do. They then translate this knowledge into a digestible, easy-to-read format, giving rise to a unique set of resources. Our "how to" publications provide timesaving tips and techniques for all the popular software applications, and provide content appropriate for the following groups:

Productivity Boosting CDs

With everything from automated Photoshop Actions to one-of-a-kind PowerPoint background templates and unique and creative Web templates, our CD-ROM line is designed to help you be more creative, save time and increase your productivity.

View more information about our Productivity Boosting CD-ROMs.

Computer Training CDs

Teach yourself how to use various software applications with our Computer Based Training or CBT CD-ROMs. With these CD-ROMs you can learn at your own pace and when it's convenient for you. QuickSkill CBT tutorials are interactive, with rich graphics and audio features that make learning fun and easy! The training environment includes simulations of the actual software applications so you benefit from the safety of a controlled environment while still experiencing realistic software behavior, look and feel.

View a complete list of our CBT titles.

Quick Skills Kits

Our Quick Skills Kits are designed to help you learn the features and uses of software applications so you can hit the ground running. Whether you’re new to an application or just looking for some help to increase your skills with one that you already use, each kit contains four different tools to help you learn at your own pace, in the manner that works best for you! Each Quick Skills Kit contains the following tools:

  • A Smart Tips and Quick Tricks tip booklet
  • A Quick Reference Card
  • A Quick Reference Guide

View a complete list of Quick Skills Kits currently available.

Quick Reference Guides

Our Quick Reference Guides are designed to help you learn how to maximize your productivity with your operating systems and software applications, and tackle job-specific tasks quickly and easily, in an exceptionally easy-to-read format supported with illustrated examples, clear definitions of terms, and a glossary and index for your quick reference needs.

View a complete list of Quick Reference Guides currently available.

Smart Tips and Quick Tricks booklets

Get instant access to hot tips, cool tricks and timesaving shortcuts to boost your productivity and expertise with the software application of your choice.

Click here for a complete list of Smart Tips and Quick Tricks booklets currently available.

Free Weekly Tips Service

Get FREE tips on software and computer techniques delivered directly to your email address each week with Tips from Eli Journals. Stay on top of the latest software and computer technology in your specific area of interest — absolutely FREE!

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How to Contact Us
How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about your subscriptions or would like to know more about Eli Journals products and services, please visit our Customer Relations page or call (800) 223-8720. For customers outside of the United States, please call us at (585) 240-7301. Customer Relations Representatives are available from 8:30 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST.

For any problems you experience at our Web site, please contact our Webmaster at webmaster@elijournals.com

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