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The mother of all phone number search tools
If you're looking for a comprehensive searching tool for contact information, such as phone numbers or email addresses, check out Argali White & Yellow at http://www.argali.com. This application uses the Internet to search over 20 different telephone and email directories, saving you from having to go to one site to get a phone number and another to get an email address. You can do a search using any number of parameters, so if you have an email address, you can search for an available phone number or vice versa. Once you initiate a search, the application then searches the available directories and returns the results in a uniformly formatted list. You can also save search results or use the Recent Search menu to repeat common searches. Argali White & Yellow is a free download from their Web site, but the service is supported by banner ads that tend to dominate the interface. However, this tool is so useful for searching for contact information, you'll forgive the ads to get to the useful information.

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