Inside Microsoft Excel
Inside Microsoft Excel is a monthly newsletter packed with tips, tricks and techniques that will show you how to work smarter and more efficiently with Microsoft Excel. You'll learn about specific ways to increase your productivity with Excel through clear, concise graphic depictions and step-by-step instructions. Inside Microsoft Excel is written by people in the real world who work with Excel every day, so you can easily and instantly apply the tips and techniques you learn to your day-to-day work.
I have subscribed to Inside Microsoft Excel for at least 10 years now. The reason I subscribe to this journal is that it provides me with an insight into Microsoft Excel that is not available elsewhere. My library contains many books on running Excel, but they only provide information on the common, ordinary applications and uses. It was due to your journal that I developed an understanding of the functions and combination of functions, as well as an understanding of macros that led to my reputation as the last authority on Microsoft Excel in my peer group.
- Dan Chupinsky, Retired Quality Analyst/Engineer
I use the Inside Microsoft Excel journal as an aid to generate macros to more efficiently use the features of Microsoft Excel. I use Excel every day to generate and distribute grades to my students, and I also teach my students how to use Excel as an analysis tool in my Quantitative Methods of Business classes. I often find articles in the Inside Microsoft Excel journal that help me develop additional macro tools that help me with the administration of my classes or with teaching my classes.
- Jack A. Vaughn, Lecturer, College of Business Administration
Inside Microsoft Excel is one of the very best resources for Excel applications.
- Diana Holmes, Lead Secretary, Dolese Bros. Co.
I have subscribed to the Inside Microsoft Excel journal for nearly a decade. I am what I describe as a "closet programmer" and use Excel to develop models and simulations for personal and business use. To this end, I find the journal useful because it provides tips on techniques that I like to experiment with -- usually things you never find in books or using help. Inside Microsoft Excel has helped trigger my imagination to the possibilities. It's the only periodical that I read cover to cover each month.
- David Duhamel, Global Operations Director for Training
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