Outlook 2003 QRC 10-Pack
Created by our team of software experts, this six-panel, tri-fold card will help you take advantage of the newest features of Microsoft Outlook 2003. You'll want to keep a card next to your computer or tacked up to a wall for quick reference and everyday use. Each panel includes step-by-step techniques for using Outlook 2003 to boost your personal productivity.

It's an ideal training resource for you, your staff, or your entire organization!

This card explains how to:
  • Customize Outlook to better fit your personal work style.
  • View multiple calendars side-by-side for easier scheduling
  • Use customizable Search Folders for quick and automatic email organization
  • Build an email distribution list from your Outlook Contacts folder to simplify bulk email messaging.
  • Keep track of your daily to-dos with Outlook's Task feature.
  • Use the Junk Email Filter to identify unwanted email messages.
  • And more!
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